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Norma just completed the swim portion of the world’s longest triathlon. She swam 122 miles and switches to the bike portion today. A little over a year ago she could barely swim. We are so proud of her! She is the essence of relentlessness. Follow her our on the “track norma” page as she bikes through Mexico and into the US!

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  1. LOVE IT !!!! Congradulations Norma on your 122 miles. I have told everyone about you and how amazing you and your team is. I sure missed seeing you swim today. You can bet I will be tracking you on your bike. Good luck to you and all be safe.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you guys all the time.

    GO NORMA!!!!!!!!

  2. Norma, we’re so proud of you and your determination! We know you can do this!! The hardest part is over…the swim. The rest is a piece of cake and in your comfort zone.
    We’ll be keeping you in our prayers for a safe and fulfilling journey.
    Thanks for all you’re doing!

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