Ways to Be Relentless: Norma is relentless, survivors are relentless, child advocates are relentless and so are exploiters.  Norma’s record breaking journey begins March 1st 2014. Here are a few ways you can be relentless in the fight…

01 Fundraise We can't do this without you! Make each mile of Norma's journey possible by donating and/or hosting a dinner with friends to raise funds with friends.
02 Sponsorship Find out the company’s making Be Relentless possible and learn how to be a part of this record breaking team.
03 Join our mailing list to stay up to date on Norma's journey, including training footage and more!
04 Write a letter to your congressperson asking where they stand on human trafficking
05 Volunteer with an after-care organization
06 Share this website with 10 people
07 Give your financial support by clicking on the GIVE link at the top of this page
08 Talk to your children, friends and family about gender equality
09 Create a short video showing your support of Norma
10 Follow Be relentless on Twitter >@BeRelentlessMov
11 Tweet Your Positive Thoughts and Support to Norma on Twitter @UltraRunWild
12 Complete a triathlon for the cause
13 Ask your friends to join you in completing one or all of these tasks
14 Tweet your Suggestions to @BeRelentlessMov