Extraordinary Mom

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What does Cinco De Mayo and Mother’s Day have in common? 

Answer: Norma Bastidas! 
On Mother’s Day in 2011, Norma was featured on Extra Ordinary Moms, a documentary on the Oprah Network, for breaking her first world record in a race called the ‘777’. Norma was the 2nd person in history to run 7 of the planet’s most unforgiving environments on 7 separate continents, and was the 1st to do it in 7 months! She completed the race to raise awareness for her son’s eye disease.
Two years ago, on Cinco De Mayo, Norma crossed the finish line in Washington D.C. to break the record for the World’s Longest Triathlon. Now, through the documentary film, Be Relentless, we are ready to share her story with the world as an anthem for survivors and to prevent exploitation from happening to others.
Watch this video to witness Kathy Eldon, one of the producers of Extra Ordinary Moms, and Norma meeting for the first time, to talk about Norma’s new project, Be Relentless.
In honor of extraordinary moms everywhere, and the relentless fight against human trafficking, please consider a donation to our Be Relentless Indiegogo campaign at
Be Relentless Impact: Prevention Programs. Polaris Hotlines. Opportunities for Survivors.
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Thank you for empathizing!