Day 26: Love a Good Road Trip?
Day 26: Love a Good Road Trip?
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How many times on an epic road trip is the question asked, “Are we there yet?” Overcoming sexual violence and exploitation is a long and winding road to recovery. The goal is to keep moving forward. Norma’s amazing journey is not only historic and record-breaking but symbolic of what it takes move from victim to survivor to overcomer. Norma has completed more than 122 miles of swimming and over 600 miles of cycling. She has over 2700 miles to go. Supporting Norma translates into supporting prevention projects for at-risk kids and scholarships for survivors. As an independent athlete and a small but mighty non-profit, we need your help today. By sponsoring a mile you pay for gas, transportation, accommodation, food, etc. to get Norma and our crew all the way to DC. Many thanks and Be Relentless.

Brad Riley & Jessie Marek
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