Marisol’s Story
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Marisol Garcia Bejarano spent seventeen years in prison for a crime she did not commit. A survivor of human trafficking in Mexico and in California, Marisol witnessed a murder committed by the man who bought her for $200 when she was just thirteen years old. After years of holding her as his domestic servant and sexual slave, he then framed Marisol for his murder, and she went to a California prison for his crime… When Norma Bastidas learned of Marisol, Norma knew that she too must share her own story of victimization and survival to advocate for the end of the injustice of trafficking. To demonstrate that we can indeed end it, Norma will complete the world’s longest triathlon starting in March of 2014.

Brad Riley & Jessie Marek
Produced by
Director of Photography
Simon Scionka