Norma Bastidas Runners Magazine

In May, 2014, single mom, survivor and ultra athlete Norma Bastidas broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Triathlon after swimming, biking and running 3,762 miles (6,054 km) from Cancún, MX to Washington, D.C. This challenge surpassed anything ever accomplished in human history.  Norma’s mission is to educate and empower, demonstrating to the world that one’s past does not dictate one’s future, and prove that everyday people are capable of making extraordinary strides in the fight against the problems facing the world today.

Be Relentless is the binational, bilingual, feature-length documentary that follows Norma on her journey to break the World Record.

Norma’s not only a Guinness World Record holder.  On July 11, 2009, Norma became the fastest and fiercest female in history by running 7 of the planet’s most unforgiving environments on all 7 continents in 7 months.  Norma trekked through the thick jungles of Brazil and the driest deserts in the world, all in support of the blind and visually impaired.

She views these experiences as a metaphor for the incredible trials faced every day by the survivors of human trafficking and sexual violence.  “Ultras are tough, both physically and emotionally,” admits Norma, “but the challenge is only temporary.  After I finish an ultra, my life goes back to normal, but survivors have to keep overcoming huge challenges every day of their lives.”

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