The Final Stretch
The Final Stretch
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On April 15th, 2014, Norma Bastidas switched from biking to running. After 122 miles of swimming the gulf of Mexico and more than 2900 miles of cycling from Cancun to Georgia, Norma Bastidas is approaching Washington, D.C. Please join us as she completes the final leg of this record-breaking triathlon! As Norma crosses into our nation’s capital, her journey to unite Mexico and the United States in the fight against child trafficking will reach its epic conclusion. Be Relentless will:

  • Capture the conversation and empower communities across the US, Mexico and beyond to join the fight against human trafficking.
  • Create an Opportunity Fund for survivors in Mexico and the United States to help them achieve restoration and pursue their dreams.
  • Protect vulnerable children through bilingual curricula and outreach.
Brad Riley & Jessie Marek
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Simon Scionka